StaiArt [stay-art] International is the U.S. Sales and Marketing branch of one of the most widely known lamp manufacturers in China. Our U.S. headquarters is located in Westminster, California.

Having established U.S. presence in 2000, StaiArt currently sells into the Hospitality industry worldwide. We work closely with Hotel Ownerships, Interior Design groups, Purchasing companies, and Independent Manufacturer Representatives. We work with all participants toward the common goal of providing the hotel establishment a product that is reflective of the hotel itself!

Due StaiArt's extensive manufacturing capabilities and VALUE ENGINEERING (customization process), a vast majority of our lamps are unique to themselves. Common Lamps are not common to StaiArt!

There are several capabilities StaiArt can perform:


StaiArt provides lamps in a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass, crystal, ceramic, and poly resin.


StaiArt services our partners expeditiously by providing a 9-10 weeks (in China) lead-time on most production lamps. Custom samples can be produced in 5-6 weeks (in China). Our deliveries can be made to any U.S. port from our China factory. StaiArt's FOB point is located in Westminster, CA.

Competitive Pricing

StaiArt is sensitive to your project's budget.

StaiArt has proven to be a leader in Quality and Service. Though StaiArt is not known as a low cost leader, we are determined to provide extremely competitive pricing so that our customers can achieve great quality at a great value.

Customization and Samples

As the manufacturer, StaiArt can "VALUE ENGINEER" lighting products (matching specifications and design), from images, or renderings, to the highest degree of accuracy. Due to our extensive resources and capabilities, we can produce a sample, to desired specifications, in approximately 5-6 weeks (in China).

Quotations and Drawings

In most cases, StaiArt will provide a quotation within 48-hours. If drawings are requested, they too can be drafted within the same time period.


StaiArt's intent is to build long-term relationships. StaiArt will work with each designer, purchaser, and owner in helping obtain what they truly want. StaiArt will be proactive in helping our clients achieve their goal.

StaiArt realizes that our clients have budgets and deadlines. To respect this, StaiArt is dedicated to providing very competitive pricing and fast delivery times - all without any sacrifice to Quality.

With our goal of "Industry Excellence" in Customer Satisfaction, coupled with the endless drive to provide the highest quality product, StaiArt is uniquely positioned to provide HOSPITALITY venues the highest quality lighting products for generations to come.