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Who is StaiArt?

StaiArt (pronounced StAY-Art) International is the US Sales/Marketing arm of one of the most widely known manufacturers in China. Our US headquarters is located in Westminster, California.

Established in 2000, StaiArt currently sells into the hospitality industry worldwide. We closely work with Purchasing companies, Design firms, and Hotel Ownership groups in achieving their vision and objectives.

Our success is the result of working every detail, of every project, with our clients.


Why use StaiArt?

Due to our VALUE ENGINEERING (custom) capabilities, StaiArt can produce nearly any lamp/fixture based on a concept. StaiArt will consult with the client and can offer alternatives (i.e. materials), and options (i.e. rockers, outlets, USB ports), all in the effort to bring the original concept to fruition while keeping the integrity of the original design!



What materials does StaiArt use?

StaiArt produces its lamps/ fixtures in a wide variety of base materials such as Metal, Poly Resin, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, and Crystal.


What are your lead times?

Though subject to change, StaiArt’s Production lead times are generally 9-10 weeks in China. For Production samples, StaiArt generally can prepare a sample in 5-6 weeks (depending on design and material).


How long will it take to get a QUOTE and/or DRAWING?

In most cases, StaiArt will provide a quotation within 48-hours. If drawings are requested, they can be drafted within the same time period.

StaiArt’s objective is to build long-term relationships. StaiArt will work with each designer, purchaser, and owner in helping obtain what they truly want. StaiArt will be proactive in helping our clients achieve their goal!


Afterall, StaiArt is “Your Quality Source for Unique Value Engineering”!